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6 Reasons your website isn’t working (and how to fix them)

Posted by amy on 1st December in Digital, SEO.

When you've invested time and money in a website, you deserve to see results. Discover some of the common ways your website might not be performing as it should (and how to change this) in this blog. read more

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Website or strategy: which should come first and why?

Posted by benjamin on 13th November in Digital, Marketing, SEO.

Which comes first? Here, Engine Room Managing Director Ian Hargreaves answers some common questions and discusses the importance of a wider strategy and understanding your demographic. read more


This is why your email marketing isn’t getting results

Posted by amy on 10th October in E-marketing.

Are you sending regular emails to no avail? If so, it’s likely that you’re making one or two of these common email marketing mistakes. read more

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You can no longer modify link previews on Facebook

Posted by benjamin on 16th August in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

We were told that Facebook were going to work hard to reduce the amount of ‘fake news’ reported on the platform and it looks like they’ve started – only, it’s not all good news. read more


Bounce rates – and adjusted bounce rates – explained

Posted by john on 16th May in Digital.

Find out what a bounce rate actually is and how to adjust yours to make it more accurate. read more


5 reasons your social media strategy isn’t working

Posted by benjamin on 4th May in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Do you know what ‘working’ looks like? Are you expecting instant leads? There are many reasons why your efforts might be going unrewarded, but let’s start with the most common. read more


Why do I need to have a company blog?

Posted by amy on 6th April in Marketing, SEO.

Find out our top 5 reasons why a company blog should be a core part of your marketing strategy. read more

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Why should you go live on social media?

Posted by benjamin on 23rd March in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

With live streaming on social media more popular than ever, we look at how your business could make the most of live video. read more

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