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How to combat the biggest changes to Social Media in 2019

Posted by benjamin on 9th April in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Over the last year, the social media landscape has changed drastically. Here, we take a look at some of the latest changes and trends and what you can do to make the most of your activity.... read more


9 ideas for more engaging social media posts

Posted by benjamin on 21st May in Marketing, Social Media.

Every business has the potential to produce engaging social media content. Read this blog to discover 9 easy ways you can increase the engagement of your posts, whatever your industry.... read more


5 ways to create Facebook engagement despite the new algorithm

Posted by benjamin on 26th March in Digital, Social Media.

Have you started to notice that your Facebook posts are being seen by fewer people? Facebook has changed its algorithm. Find out what you can do to maximise the reach of your content despite the changes.... read more

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You can no longer modify link previews on Facebook

Posted by benjamin on 16th August in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

We were told that Facebook were going to work hard to reduce the amount of ‘fake news’ reported on the platform and it looks like they’ve started – only, it’s not all good news.... read more


5 reasons your social media strategy isn’t working

Posted by benjamin on 4th May in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Do you know what ‘working’ looks like? Are you expecting instant leads? There are many reasons why your efforts might be going unrewarded, but let’s start with the most common.... read more

Periscope In Action

Why should you go live on social media?

Posted by benjamin on 23rd March in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

With live streaming on social media more popular than ever, we look at how your business could make the most of live video.... read more

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Facebook – time for a cover photo refresh

Posted by amy on 1st July in Company news, Digital, Social Media.

Facebook are rolling out a new style for business pages so now's the time to refresh your cover photo ahead of the changes. Here's how.... read more


Twitter is changing. Have you heard?

Posted by benjamin on 10th June in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Twitter has recently announced major changes to its service. The changes once implemented will mean more space to write with images, GIFS and videos no longer taking up that valuable word count. Pretty exciting, eh?... read more


Instagram: Open for business

Posted by benjamin on 21st September in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Everybody’s favourite photo-sharing platform is open for business – and not just for the big boys either. Instagram are now making it easier for any company, big or small, to advertise on the network amongst the hordes of celebrity selfies and Starbucks coffee cups.... read more


How and why to use social header images

Posted by benjamin on 23rd December in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

The header image is the first thing that a user sees when visiting your social media profile. Think of it as your shop front, just like a shop, first impressions count. So how do you make the best impression?... read more

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