5 ways to create Facebook engagement despite the new algorithm

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Have you started to notice that your Facebook posts are being seen by fewer people? And that updates that would previously have proved a hit are now struggling for any engagement whatsoever? Yep, Facebook has been playing with their algorithms again.

The social network is making significant alterations to its news feed algorithm to try and prioritise ‘meaningful’ peer-to-peer interactions over posts from Facebook company pages.

As a user of Facebook, it could be seen as a good thing as the changes have come about as a direct result of users wanting to see the most relevant content. Essentially, less click-bait in your feed and more photographs of your family and stories that you’re interested in.

Specifically, users will start to see more posts from those individuals they’re connected to in their feed and less of the content distributed from pages they follow.


So what does that mean for company pages?

Facebook still values content from business pages as a key part of the platform’s ‘ecosystem’ however the focus will shift from ranking content that is directly consumed from pages (which will shrink in reach) to content shared and talked about amongst friends (which will grow).


What not to do…


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So what can you do?


Video is a huge trend on social media, Facebook included. However, the key takeaway from the recent updates is to create video people actually want to watch. The algorithm shift means your posts will get seen if they prove to create meaningful interactions between viewers. So, to help encourage these interactions you should upload your videos directly to Facebook!


Tag people and businesses

The new algorithm gives preference to the posts that are shared by individuals. Shared posts that get early engagement, comments and discussion will continue to achieve a higher organic reach as they are judged to be of interest. Focus on people’s stories and tag them in your posts to encourage them to share your content in their personal sphere.


Create employee advocates

The changes detailed above increases the importance of clever (but organic) distribution of your content. It has never been more important to distribute content in a way that looks natural and unforced. To do this, simply leverage social profiles of willing employee ‘advocates’ to engage and share content to get the ball rolling!


Encourage user-generated content

Because the algorithm will prioritise content generated by your friends and family as opposed to business pages, it is becoming even more valuable to encourage the individual to post about your products, brand and/ or services. Offer incentives for customers willing to share your work or even better – just ask nicely!


Pay for it!

Been putting it off for a while? It’s probably the right time to invest a little bit in paid advertising. Even putting a small amount of money into sponsoring your posts to ensure they get seen can go a long way. This also means you can choose who gets to see your content – even down to their age, location, job title and interests. Pretty smart, eh?


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