Christmas is coming: The Importance of Seasonal Content

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Whether it’s blogging for a seasonal SEO boost or just wishing happy holidays to your customers in an email, seasonal campaigns are a great way to ensure your business communications are relevant and timely to your target market.

Nearly every sector has seasonal peaks and troughs and smart marketing means making sure you benefit from increased interest and demand as well as planning campaigns for the quiet period to make sure you capture every lead possible.

At this time of year even if you’re not selling a Christmas product your business can still benefit from a few seasonal marketing touches to your customers and prospects.

You may not have realised yet but this blog is seasonal content and more relevant to you right now because it’s Christmas!

Here are Engine Room’s top 3 tips for seasonal Christmas content, simple but they get results:

  1. Send a Christmas Email

Emailing customers and suppliers to wish them well shows that your business is thinking of them without the costs of printing and posting a Christmas card. Though for those special customers or suppliers a handwritten card or small gift is another great little touch that will set you apart from you competitors.

  1. Tis the season to be social

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter when using the most relevant social media platforms make sure your content is seasonal. This could be a new profile and header image or a series of festive tweets.

You could be running festive competitions or giveaways for your followers or simply making your content a little Christmassy, whatever you do , a little personality during the run up to Christmas will go a long way.

  1. Blog about the year just gone or the year ahead

This is an easy way to freshen up your website, pull together any new products, projects or feedback from the last year and collate them into a simple timeline of the year just gone. It’s also a great opportunity to hint at anything planned for the New Year as well.

Like anything marketing gets better results when you have a plan, your activity should be planned around the seasonal demand in your business, and that’s where Engine Room can help. We are your marketing department. We work as an integral part of your business to make sure the cogs keep turning (even at Christmas).

To find out how we could help your business just request your free marketing review.


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