Instagram: Open for business

Posted by benjamin in Digital, Marketing, Social Media.

Everybody’s favourite photo-sharing platform is open for business – and not just for the big boys either. Instagram are now making it easier for any company, big or small, to advertise on the network amongst the hordes of celebrity selfies and Starbucks coffee cups.

Previously reserved for the U.S elite, now any business in 30 countries can use the self-serve option to advertise on the platform – with this expected to increase further at the end of September.

Just like Facebook’s ad setup, Instagram advertisers will be able to target posts towards very specific demographics and personal interests – based on the user’s habits, likes and follows etc.

This means that whether you want to simple increase brand awareness, get users to download an app or buy a product you can find your audience much easier than ever before.

There will also be new tools introduced to help you manage ad campaigns, and Marquee – a product designed to drive huge levels of engagement in a short time. Perfect for new product launches, flash sales etc.

No matter the size of your business, you can take advantage of the new changes to the platform from September 30th.

If you’re not sure how you could make Instagram advertising work for your business, why not talk to us?

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