6 subject line strategies for boosting your e-marketing open rates

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With so much information landing in our inboxes every day, e-marketing has become about one thing: the battle of the subject line. Getting that initial open represents the largest hurdle for most e-marketers.

The role of the subject line is to convince your audience that what’s within your email is of use to them – all within 50 characters or less.

It’s not easy, and there’s no set formula for success, but there are a few tried and tested tactics which you can employ. Here are our top 6 subject line strategies:

  1. Play to self interest

The leading way to get your emails opened is to offer your prospects something they want or need. People want to know what’s in it for them, so leading with how it will benefit them is the quickest way to grab their attention. Communicate this clearly in your subject line and your open rates will flourish.

  1. Question everything

Asking a question in your subject line will elicit an unconscious response in your readers’ head, meaning you have encouraged them to interact with your message. Ideally they are looking for an answer to your question which invites them to look further and open your email.

  1. Get personal

Although the novelty of the tagged first name may have worn off slightly, it is still likely to make more of an impression than a generic strapline. And research by MailChimp suggests using localisation and including a city name works even better.

  1. Curiosity and humour

Making somebody laugh or intriguing them is a dependable way of securing opens, however you need to make sure the content doesn’t fall short as soon as they open the email. If a prospect feels like they have been ‘tricked’ into clicking an unrelated subject line, the joke is over and they are likely to navigate away without reading your content.

  1. Pay attention to the preview

When you’ve got minimal characters to play with, those extra few make all the difference. Utilising the preview to follow on or support what your subject line is saying is a great way of adding to your message.

  1. Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency may help prompt your prospects to act, and using a deadline or cut-off point may ensure more people to check out your message. However this is a widely used technique which consumers are wise to, so it needs to be used cleverly and sparingly.

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