Why do I need to have a company blog?

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Ask anyone from the marketing world what you should be doing to reach new customers and blogging will almost always come up.

‘Oh you just have to have a company blog’ they will say. And we can’t deny it; it’s true. Creating an active company blog is one of the first things we do for our clients.

But, why exactly? Yes, it’s low-cost – but what actually makes blogging worth all that time and effort?

Well, there are a few different benefits to your business…


1. Drive new traffic to your website

Your biggest source of new leads should be through online traffic to your website. And most of this new business is waiting just a few clicks away on the other side of the search bar.

Blogging helps to tap into this by making your website more visible in online searches.

Every new blog post you add is a new indexed page on your website, offering a new opportunity for you to appear in google searches. By blogging regularly, you are boosting your search rankings and increasing the chances of new customers to find your site.


2. Reach your audience on social media

Whatever the size of your social following, to turn these followers into prospects you need to engage them with new, relevant content. And this is precisely where your company blog comes in.

Sharing interesting, useful blog content on social media is not only going to help you reach more people, but some of those people are going to click through to your site. This will increase traffic to your website, leading to those all-important conversions.


3. Establish your expertise

Your company blog presents a golden opportunity to show prospects that you have the knowledge and capacity to solve their problems.

Using your expertise to create insightful, useful posts that answer people’s questions helps to position your business as an authority within your field. This will help you build trust with your audience and convert more of them into customers.

For example, say you’re a pest control business.

You create a post called ‘5 ways to detect a mouse in your house.’

Somebody who is worried they have a mouse problem searches google and comes across your blog. They take your advice and discover – yes! – they do indeed have a mouse in their house. They then contact you as a reliable source to dispose of it. What could be simpler?


4. Convert more visitors into customers

According to Hubspot, the average visitor spends no longer than 15 seconds on your website – which doesn’t leave you with much time to convince them to buy from you.

Sharing compelling information on your blog helps you to keep visitors interested for longer, giving you more time to convert them into paying customers.

Teach them something new. Tell them a story. Show them something they’ve never seen before. Once you’ve got their attention you are then in the right position to introduce your products and services with a relevant call to action.


5. Be a part of the discussion

The sharability of blog content makes it a valuable tool for making sure your business stays relevant. Use your blog to join in the conversation with new ideas and stay at the forefront of your industry.

Blogging about industry issues increases your online exposure and allows your voice to be heard by other businesses within the marketplace, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.


Starting your own company blog may seem something you simply don’t have time for, but the benefits are well worth the effort required.

Want to start your own company blog? Read our blog on ‘Creating the right tone of voice’ to help you get going.

Or alternatively, get in touch for your free marketing health check, where our team provide you with a completely free report including some recommendations.

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